My Journey from Textured to Textbook Skin from home

I'm here to spill the tea on my latest skincare escapade: transforming my once textured skin into a smooth canvas, all thanks to a magical little device called the RayJuvenate Wand.

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Published on 13/03/2024 by Writer and Wethera customer, Kimberly Morgan.

Me vs. My Skin

Picture this: a woman in her late thirties, staring at her reflection, wondering when her skin decided to throw a texture party and forgot to send her the invite. I mean, I was always the girl with "okay" skin, but as the years rolled by, "okay" started looking more like a topographical map of the Rocky Mountains. Not exactly the glow-up I had in mind.

I tried everything – scrubs that felt like sandpaper, creams that promised miracles in a jar, and facials that cost more than my monthly coffee budget (which, let me tell you, is substantial). But nothing seemed to work. My skin was as bumpy and uneven as ever, and my confidence? Well, let's just say it was smoother sailing in my twenties.

As I was doom-scrolling through skincare forums instead of doing something productive (like finally organizing my sock drawer), I stumbled upon something intriguing: the RayJuvenate Wand. It boasted red light therapy, microcurrent technology, and other sci-fi-sounding features that caught my eye. But what really piqued my interest was the promise of improved skin texture and tone. Could this be the holy grail I'd been searching for?

With a healthy dose of skepticism and a dash of desperate hope, I decided to give it a whirl. After all, what did I have to lose? Besides a few more precious moments of my thirties, of course.

Fast forward a few weeks, and let me tell you, the results were nothing short of miraculous. The RayJuvenate Wand didn't just live up to its promises; it had me questioning whether I'd unknowingly signed up for some sort of skincare sorcery. My skin started to feel smoother, like that of a particularly well-preserved Renaissance painting (minus the oil and lead-based paint, thankfully).

And the uneven skin tone that had been my loyal companion for the better part of a decade? It began to fade into obscurity, much like my tolerance for low-rise jeans. For the first time in years, I felt comfortable rocking a bare face, which, in my books, is the ultimate skincare win.

It was later that I discovered that Mary Cristine, my favorite health and wellness celebrity who currently has 1.1M followers on Instagram as well as a few other skincare advocates, uses the RayJuvenate Wand as well! (No surprise)

RayJuvenate wand

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